Everything you need to know about an IEO

How can we determine if an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)is reliable or not? The answer in the current cryptomarket is in the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

Since the first ICO that raised $ 6 million in Bitcoin in 2013, we have witnessed the success of multiple projects that managed to raise funds in cryptocurrencies, but we also see the decline they had last year due to unfortunate cases where developers did not deliver and caused ICO to get banned in many countries.

An IEO is a new approach that has the support of an exchange providing greater security through the procedures that these platforms meet such as KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). In an IEO, the project developer and its ICO can obtain greater profitability thanks to the number of users that trust in the platform and have the opportunity to invest in the new token.

At Bitinka, we are proud to announce that we will soon be the first exchange in Latin America to offer our own IEO platform, with the aim of incubating innovative projects of high potential, sustainable and supporting ventures in our platform.

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The BitInka Team

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