Warning: Important security communication


Because we are always aware of each one of you, our users, we want to tell you that we have received recent reports of pages that usurp our identity and communicate directly with users with unknown intentions.

For this reason we recommend following these security measures:

  1. When you enter our platform, please do it by typing directly the web address in the browser (www.bitinka.com) or from the search engine of your preference.
  2. We recommend not to enter our website by clicking on any link you receive by email or other channels, which do not come from our official channels such as info@bitinka.com, noreply@bitinka.com or another with bitinka.com domain.
  3. For any reason we will ask you to update the keys or other information of your accounts, through any channel other than our platform.
  4. We will never ask you to send your password, update information (address, phone, etc.), TFA, among other information, by email or any platform that is not our official.
  5. We have detected that the user named “Michael Goeve” is posing as our collaborator. Please take into consideration that he is not part of our institution and avoids giving you your information. In addition, we rectify that Bitinka will only communicate directly from the platform or official means with the corporate name, no staff of ours will have contact with our users managing any personal name.
  6. We recommend that when you log in to our platform you can see that the URL https://www.bitinka.com/bitinka/login has the security lock, which at the moment of clicking, shows you that the certificate is valid and you you find on a secure page
  7. Finally, we ask you to please update your security filters, activating, if you do not have it, your TFA or Google Authenticator, entering to Wallet> Security “Enable two-factor authentication”. To do this, you must download the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device and synchronize the time with your computer.

We have currently detected 2 users searching and writing to interested people using our logo and brand. They do it through Telegram and / or mail trying to cheat users asking them to deposit a wallet that is not ours.

If you know of a similar case, please send us or forward this email to take the respective measures and if you have any questions or require more information, please contact us from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. at 6:00 p.m. (GMT-5: 00) through the “Support Center” or find us as @Bitinka on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to know all our news.


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