About Us

Hello! Welcome to the official BitInka blog

BitInka is a platform for the exchange of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies with presence in Latin America, Europe and Asia. The essence of its creation, lies in the ideal of using Blockchain and take it further, innovating in the possible uses of this new technology. Its development began in 2013 and in that same year, the BitInka team traveled throughout the South American continent, establishing the commercial structure and acquiring offices in each country.

Nowadays BitInka has a local presence in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, China, Spain, France, Italy, Peru and Portugal.

In this space we will help you to get into the Bitcoin market through our services, by giving you articles and tutorials, all the necessary tools to become an expert user and to be able to accompany you throughout this learning process so you can get advantage of all the resources of our platform.

Thanks for visiting us. ¡Let the tour begin!