BTC and ETH, how many people per month develop them?

11 March, 2019 0 Comments

BitkInka Exchange

The crypto market is increasingly important in the global economy, so more and more users and large companies are familiar with the benefits of blockchain technology, but what is the cryptocurrency with the highest number of developers in the last year?

A recent study brings us interesting data about the main crypts and the number of developers working on their central protocols. Although Bitcoin is still the largest of all crypto currencies by market capitalization, Ethereum currently has an average of nearly a hundred developers per month, doubling those who work at BTC.

These advances stand out despite the fact that in 2018 the market fell about 80 percent from its peak, but monthly active developers only fell by 4 percent.

In BitInka we are excited to share this information, because these are favorable news for the sector since the more the main cryptocurrencies are strengthened, the more reliable the industry will become.

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