Ethereum: What is its main contribution to the crypto market?

2 May, 2019 0 Comments

We all know Ethereum (ETH) and its importance in the industry, not in vain is placed as second in the crypto market since its launch in 2013, just below Bitcoin.

What is the contribution and what are the benefits offered by Ethereum?

While Bitcoin stores balances and transactions in the chain of blocks, Ethereum is a Blockchain on which you can create different projects such as storing other data related to finance, personal information, health or governance, thanks to a Turing programming language that allows anybody to create intelligent contracts or decentralized applications. In addition, Ethereum is also used as a platform to launch other cryptocurrencies. From the ERC20 token standard.

Ethereum is not only a high performance cryptocurrency, it is a technology that offers us secure exchanges and many other possibilities to develop more reliable and fast services through its blockchain.

In Bitinka we invite you to participate with us in this exciting industry and the benefits they offer us.

The BitInka Team