What do we expect from Bitcoin starting in May?

In recent days, the crypto market has had news that influenced the value of the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which had to decelerate a rise it had maintained since the beginning of the year.

Fortunately, the BTC has withstood this turbulence, thanks to a solid support previously created on the $ 4800, managing to stay afloat above the $ 5000 level. After a 2018 ups and downs, 2019 seems to give positive signals to all who bet on digital currencies.

So, what can we expect from Bitcoin since May?

The BTC is currently drawing a trajectory similar to that which occurred in 2015, known as the double bottom and which is being analyzed by specialists to project the next maximum and minimum of the main crypto of the market. If this pattern were true, we would be witnessing a projection of maximum prices of the year for early November 2019 close to ten thousand dollars per BTC.

In Bitinka we trust in the consolidation of Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies, aware of the influence they will have on the global economy in the coming years. We invite you to participate with us in this exciting industry.

The BitInka Team