Exclusive IEO promotion of The Stone Coin

8 July, 2019 0 Comments

At BitInka, we continue to promote projects and tokens of great potential through our IEO Go Pad. We are excited to announce the second round of The Stone Coin (STO) project, available from July 8, 2019 on our platform https://gopad.bitinka.com. From this second phase, users can use a promotional code to have a 20% discount […]

Reasons to invest in The Stone Coin (STO)

25 June, 2019 0 Comments

We recently announced the launch of The Stone Coin (STO) within our IEO GO Pad platform, which is already available for our users to participate. But why invest in The Stone Coin (STO)? The Stone Coin is a sustainable, serious and future-oriented payment token that is entering the market with an effective REAL SHIELD. The net funds raised by the issuance […]

IEO Go Pad: interview with the CO-Founder of THE STONE COIN

21 June, 2019 0 Comments

At Bitinka we are excited to present the The Stone Coin (STO) project, available from June 21, 2019 on our IEO Go Pad platform https://gopad.bitinka.com Regarding this release, the co-founder of The Stone Coin, Markus Bleiker,he gave us an interview to learn more about the project that has already achieved goals this year and great […]

Interview with Oleg Sharpatyy, CEO at W12

17 May, 2019 0 Comments

In Bitinka we are proud to be the first exchange in Latin America to offer this type of projects on our IEO Go Pad platform. Let’s learn more about the W12 token. Interview with Oleg Sharpatyy, CEO at W12 Hi Oleg, Thanks for giving us the interview. Could you briefly explain to our users what […]