Dash (DASH)

The Dash (DASH) is an open source cryptocurrency, or open source that was built based on the Bitcoin system.

The Dash was created by Evan Duffield in January 2014, when he decided to create a currency that has greater security features and speed in comparison with the other existing cryptocurrencies.

Dash is designed to reach 18 million in circulation, which is forecast to be in the year 2300, currently the amount mined and in circulation is 8 million, the rest of these currencies are incentivized in a decreasing manner, that is to say, every year 7.1% less for each block.

Dash is a cryptocurrency that is intended to be used as a fast and low-cost method of payment, in addition to functioning as a network of master nodes to allow private transactions and snapshots.

The last growth scale observed in 2017, shows that in January the price was around 10 USD and in mid-December it reached 1600 USD.

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