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Advantages offered by stablecoins

The cryptocurrency industry is so exciting that although the main focus is on Bitcoin, we have the well-known stablecoins, cryptocurrencies backed by FIAT money, cryptocurrencies or raw materials that maintain their price in the 1: 1 ratio with the asset value of back.

What advantages do we have with stablecoins?

To know this we must be aware that stable currencies emerged as a way to counteract the cryptocurrencies volatility.

Now, we can consider as more reliable stablecoins backed by cryptocurrencies, since they have a more decentralized scheme, unlike other stablecoins; more efficient, to be able to quickly transform any type of cryptography to another cryptography; more transparent, since all transactions are placed in the registration system; and they allow to create a leverage, thanks to the fact that the coins are guaranteed in excess allowing any user to use them as a means of negotiation.

In Bitinka we always work to offer more and better options to operate and stablecoins are not the exception, that’s why we offer in our platform TUSD, DAI and USDT.

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The BitInka Team