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Bitcoin keeps raising value and benefits the market

Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency in the market and the growth of its value in recent days let us think how positive this is for the industry and how it also favors other altcoins.

The last weekend BTC reached and exceeded $ 5200 per unit and everything indicates that it is due to the compression of long-term prices and the low volatility that has been presented since the end of 2017.

Other cryptocurrencies had increases in their valuations, such as Ethereum (ETH) with an increase of 7% during the last hours. Although we will always have opposing points of view to the growth of the crypto-market, we are aware that it is part of the process of maturation and strengthening of the industry.

In BitInka we are always attentive to the changes that occur in the main crypts and we invite you to be part of the growth of the crypto market and the opportunities that it brings.

The BitInka Team

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