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BitInka Integrates TrueUSD (TUSD) as its First Stablecoin

We are happy to announce that BitInka has integrated TrueUSD (TUSD) as the first stablecoin available for trading on our exchange.

TrueUSD is entirely collateralized and redeemable 1-for-1 with the U.S. dollar and publishes monthly attestations to prove its assets are fully backed by U.S. dollars.

BitInka traders are now able to purchase TrueUSD in Colombian pesos, Chilean pesos, Argentine pesos, New soles, Brazilian reals, bolivars, U.S. dollars, euro, and yuan, as well as through the TUSD/BTC pairing. In addition, BitInka users can make deposits and withdrawals with TrueUSD to and from wallets that support the token.

Through the integration of TrueUSD, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to improving our customers’ access to the cryptocurrency market. TrueUSD enables traders to seamlessly transfer cryptocurrency assets while ensuring a stable value with respect to the U.S. dollar.

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