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Welcome Scroll (SCRL) to Bitinka

At Bitinka we continue working to provide you the best service with a greater variety of cryptocurrency and token options on our platform. For this reason, we are pleased to inform that from April 23 we integrate a new token to our operations.

We warmly welcome Scroll (SCRL) and from now on you can exchange it in: US dollars and euros or through your pair in BTC, ETH and XRP. In addition to making deposits and withdrawals from SCRL to and from other wallets that support this token.

We cordially invite you to be part of this integration.

Important information about Scroll:

SCRL is a data transaction token that operates the Scroll Network, a series of distributed accounting networks that allow ordinary consumers and businesses to store, track and share data in a transparent and immutable manner. The Scroll Project began in 2017 and was launched later in 2018 as a solution to the data security problems existing today.

The BitInka Team

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