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Co-Founder Official Press Release

Dear Users,

After several years involved in the crypto space, from mining, creating this great platform and to almost every corner of the development of blockchain technology. I have decided to address you directly regarding our brand name BitInka. This has been a hectic year not just for our platform but for the cryptocurrency ecosystem itself in which there where up and downs, direct issues targeting our brand name; we decided to conduct a meeting of shareholders to decide the brightest future for the platform. The first step was to analyze the whole panorama to be able to provide not a temporary, but stable solution to all our faithful users who have been following us since our beginnings in 2014, those whom had a lot of patience, and from which we have received both complaints and encouraging messages to push forward as we are the Latin American pioneers in cryptocurrency adoption.

That said, after a major growth, our Latin American approach switched to a global audience such a growth that 65% of our new active users are from different corners of the planet. All this thanks to your trust. This also gave a great unexpected turn to our business, it led us to change starting in communications, to our code manuals to be able to work in a more global language. This led us to analyze in detail the continuance of the subcontracted companies that provided us with different services throughout the globe. For this, it took time and evaluation towards all these companies that housed more than 150 employees and had to make the tough decision of which ones we would continue working with and which ones we would let go.

With the above explained. Every Friday we will be informing you of the detailed progress in our weekly newsletter, these are the points that I inform you with this current bulletin:


• A new global and regional management team is being hired that will closely analyze and meet the needs of different markets.


• A technological team has been hired with high-level professionals in both programming, security and infrastructure. Members of this new team are former employees of high level technology multinationals.

• The new technological team is conducting a general audit of all the millions of movements that were carried out since December 6, 2014 (the day of the launch of the platform).


• We are in the process of hiring and educating, a new support team, who will personally attend users and in different languages ​​(English, Spanish, Portugues, Chinese, Russian). They will provide a great change and more transparent communication to all your queries.


• Thanks to a new partnership, we are working on the integration to re-enable both deposits and withdrawals in local currency, in more than 45 countries worldwide and at the best market rates.

With this statement I want to say goodbye and repeat that every Friday, until the day of the total restoration of the platform that will be in the coming weeks, we will be updating you on our detailed progress and also on the cryptocurrency market, totally transparent news of common interest, since we are aware that some of the informational pages, trying to call themselves news sites have tried to damage our reputation.

Later we will be launching our own global cryptocurrency news website, to be able to inform you on the latest global news, and the new projects that are entering the market.


Roger Benites

CO-Founder & Advisor

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