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Scroll SCRL changes its name and shows a new image

The Scroll token SCRL has great news to be in accordance with the changes of the crypto market and the needs of its users, announcing a change on its name and symbol as a token, but of course maintaining its proposal and objectives.

The new name for the Scroll token SCRL will be ‘Data Transaction Token (XD)’, a name that makes the fundamental purpose of the token explicitly clear, separating it from the company and preparing it for mass adoption as a utility token for companies and individuals. Data Transaction Token (XD) has as main objective to allow authentic and efficient data transactions.

This name change will occur automatically since the team maintains the same contract address for the token and users will not have to change their SCRL tokens.

In Bitinka we are excited about news like this and we invite you to know this and all the cryptocurrencies that we have at your disposal on our platform.

The BitInka Team

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