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Since this December 5th we include BirdChain (BIRD)!

Aware of the evolution of new technologies in the market, BitInka is happy to announce the integration with BirdChain (BIRD) to its exchange operations.
Birchain will be able to exchange in our plataform with euros and dollars and the pairs BTC/BIRD/ETH.

A little history

Birdchain was founded by Ernestas Petkevicius and Aurimas Sabastis with the purpose to create an innovative, transparent and market-changing blockchain-based application-to-person (A2P) SMS distribution platform.
The team of the Birdchain is not a startup. It is part of a parent company, named Vertex. This is a profitable company with a team of experienced professionals, whose professionalism and skills were tested in action. The founding team has successfully co-launched several businesses.

All features of the Birdchain create strong BIRD token. It stands out with low initial cost and token flexibility as a unique currency with favourable viability.

With this new integration, we want to prove our commitment to improve the best in the cryptocurrency market to our clients. For more information, please us contact from Monday to Friday 8:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs (GMT-5:00) through the “Support Center” or find us as @Bitinka on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to know all our news.

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