EOS vs Litecoin, which will take over the 4th place of crypts?

14 February, 2019 0 Comments


We are all excited about the recovery and rise that Bitcoin presents this year, but there are also interesting movements within the first five places, such as Litecoin and EOS that seek to take the fourth place of importance in the market.

A few days ago Litecoin moved EOS from fourth to fifth place in the main ranking of cryptocurrency, then EOS quickly regained ground, but this didn’t  last long as LTC is back in fourth place today.

Everything indicates that this constant will be maintained for the next few days where we will see these altcoin continue to gain confidence and strength.

In Bitinka we are always attentive to every important movement in the industry as well as in its consolidation and being exceptional witnesses of what Blockchain technology can offer us.

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