ETH: Leader in rise of main crypts

13 February, 2019 0 Comments


This year Ethereum continues to give us signs of its high potential in the industry. The important increase of around 14% that ETH has given in these last days, has placed it in the top table and shows us an interesting scenario.

The main responsible for this new rise is the Bitcoin, which has favored the environment in the last time giving signs of remaining stable and recovering ground after 2018 that started unfavorable for the market.

With all this, Ethereum, which to date has exceeded $121 in its price of quotation, prepares the way for its most recent hard fork that will arrive, as announced, on February 27 next.

With this good news, BitInka is excited about the opportunities that are presented for this year. We are all invited to be part of this wave of opportunities that the cryptocurrency industry offers us.

We invite you to be part of this!

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