Final phase of wallet update!

7 February, 2020 0 Comments

We know that the improvement process contemplated in the wallet update has been a long process and took more time than was initially planned, but we always seek to provide as much security as possible so we spare no effort and can announce that we have entered the final phase of the wallet update!, Shortly deposits and withdrawals of digital assets will be enabled.

Our team of developers and engineers, continue their efforts to optimize the platform, we continue working with emphasis on the security and efficiency of our wallet module.

Through our official channels we will continue to inform you of the progress of updating and improvements of the different modules of the platform, so that you can take full advantage of the services and tools that we put at your disposal.

We thank all our users for their patience and trust placed in us, this drives us to continue improving by offering new tools and more digital assets, to provide you with a greater variety of options for your transactions. We reiterate our commitment to provide you with the best service that allows us to be your option to exchange digital assets in your local currency.