Interview with Oleg Sharpatyy, CEO at W12

17 May, 2019 0 Comments

In Bitinka we are proud to be the first exchange in Latin America to offer this type of projects on our IEO Go Pad platform.

Let’s learn more about the W12 token.

Interview with Oleg Sharpatyy, CEO at W12

Hi Oleg, Thanks for giving us the interview. Could you briefly explain to our users what is W12 about?

W12 is us. As a team we created a blockchain protocol and several projects, which are based on it. Blockchain protocol – reduces risks, increases transparency and helps to solve the trust issues between people. Based on it we have already developed the crowdfunding platform for charity and social projects. We have recently updated design and in May we will link the payment processing. So, it will be ready for public use this May!

Could you explain, in simple words, W12’s business model?

We are the intermediaries between donators and beneficiaries, who give the openness, transparency and availability to fundraising process. On the one side, we help initiators (individuals and charity organizations) to bring attention to their projects, thanks to integrated social mechanics. On the other side, we help donators to choose among real cases and simplify the payment procedure.

Who is the target audience for W12?

I would like to divide it in 3 groups:

  • Passionate activists or people, who are willing to help society or close people around them
  • People in need, who are looking for the ways to raise funds
  • Charitable organizations and NPOs, which have in-depth knowledge and huge experience in this industry

Why should users use the W12 token? How is it different to the rest?

Firstly, W12 Token is a digital asset, which gives people the possibility to raise funds without any commissions and transfer it to any part of the globe. I would say it is a great medium of exchange. Secondly, the token can be used for many purposes, as W12 will have 6 different platforms by the end of 2020. Thirdly, it will be a liquid asset -thanks to listing on the exchanges.

How was the idea of W12 created? What were the reasons behind it?

I really wanted to create a socially responsible project, which will help to solve people’s everyday problems. The trust issues decrease the effectiveness of our communication and slows down or even stops the good initiatives. People are always ready and happy to help. And together with Andrey we created a product which helps to turn their good motives into actions.

What can you tell us about your team? How does the team compliment the execution of the project?

Our team consists of 29 people. We have 10 developers, who are responsible for the technical side of our products; 10 people in our marketing and strategy office, who are working towards W12 development and growth and 9 community managers, who effectively collect the feedback from our community, operatively answer all the questions and hold the positive atmosphere in our chats.

What has been your biggest challenge so far working on W12?

All blockchain projects face the one main obstacle – legal basis of world jurisdictions, which is lagging from the technology. We understand that some time is needed for adapt the rules for new markets and tools. But also, we can take several actions from our side to fasten this adaptation process.

How do you plan to scale W12’s ecosystem?

In the near future, we will release:

  • Crowdfunding platform for launching sustainable development projects (W12 Launchpad)
  • Platform for collecting signatures and means for implementing petitions on the blockchain (social initiative)
  • Real Estate Tokenization Platform
  • ICO / STO platform
  • Platform for tokenization of goods and services supplied in the future (collective purchases at a discount).

How was the crowdfunding phase? In your opinion, how successful was it?

In general we are happy with results. Even when the market dropped so hard, we didn’t only survive but also continue to grow and develop despite the severe environment in the ICO and crypto market .

Why do you want to introduce W12 to the Latin American market? Why is it attractive to you?

Latin America is a big and a dynamically developing market. We already tested our solutions on Russian market and got positive results. Surely we want to take a new challenge and capture Latin America market.

What are the plans for W12 in the near future?

  • The pilot version of the real estate tokenization platform based on the W12 protocol is ready (available at;
  • The service petitions on the blockchain is under development and slated for launch in Q2 of 2019;
  • The launchpad for launching sustainable development projects with the pay only when done function is under development and slated for launch in Q3 of 2019;
  • The platform for trading product tokens based on the W12 protocol is under development and slated for launch in Q4 of 2019;
  • The platform for STOs and Tokenized Real Estate Trade is slated for launch in Q2 and Q3 of 2020.

Are donations available for the Latin American market in the W12 platform? Yes/No Why?

Not yet, but we plan to link the payment solution by the end of summer 2019.

Which project have had the most social impact in the history of W12?

We just started, so it will not be fair to highlight something particular. Let me say it in 1-2 years.

How can a user donate to the charities that W12 support?

Easy. Register on, click on donate button on the project page you like the most, enter your card details, complete the security verification with a code received on your telephone and share! Share with your friends on Facebook, twitter and other social networks, as it can increases donations by 3 times!

Where can users from all over the world find W12?

We have more than 100 000 of active community in our official telegram channels. We will be more than happy to welcome the new members there. Also, we have our own YouTube channel, where you can see the reviews by bloggers, which we liked the most and our AMA sessions, which we hold in live every month. Facebook, Twitter, Medium, BitcoinTalk and other links to join– you can find on our website