IT’S OFFICIAL: BitInka partners with SENSE!

23 May, 2020 0 Comments

SENSE token is the utility, fueling the cooperative tools missing from existing chat ecosystems and offering the framework to transform communities. The SENSE token is utilized in the Sense.Chat platform as a tool for facilitating the usage of the application, and fostering community growth.

The Sense.Chat platform enables both communications and value transfer in a unified chat application where sending a transaction is as simple as sending a message. Sense.Chat is a dApp (decentralized application) built on EOSIO software, initially created by Block.One, whose CTO Daniel Larimer is a known pioneer of scalable blockchain technology. The Sense.Chat Encryption Protocol uses advanced cryptography combined with the EOS Blockchain to deliver messages so that users will be able to “Trust No One” and maintain their privacy in an unparalleled, highly secure application.

Right now, we are all using video calls or video conferences to stay connected and working despite the global crisis, but how safe do we feel exchanging messages through a chat? Do current platforms promote social growth in cooperation with the values offered by society?

Thanks to SENSE Token, Sense.Chat users connect with people, and their content is contained within their chat-based communities.

By listing SENSE Token in BitInka Platform, we give the oportunity for entrepreneurs to create their own sustainable communities.

“You shouldn’t have to compromise your digital-self to have a conversation online” said Sense.Chat CEO Crystal Rose.