JPM Coin: How it will affect the crypto market?

19 February, 2019 0 Comments

We all wonder how the new JP Morgan cryptocurrency , named JPM Coin, will affect the industry.

The surprising news from the most important US bank in the world caused a lot of reactions, some optimists because large banking entities are already using blockchain technology in their operations as well as a crypto itself and on the other hand there are also those who don’t consider it a cryptocurrency because its use and access are private, contradicting the spirit by which the cryptocurrency was created.

It’s not surprising that this announcement attracts our attention since JP Morgan CEO has given discouraging statements about Bitcoin and the entire sector in recent years, detracting from the value and support that is being given to them.

In BitInka we will be very attentive to the results of the test stage that this token has during 2019 since that will define its future use in other platforms and availability to more users.

The BitInka team

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