Latest Covid-19 News and Updates

6 April, 2020 0 Comments

Given the Global Situation generated by COVID-19, we want you to know that Bitinka remains online and making progress, we have increased our efforts to improve and expand the services we offer, which is why we have further increased the staff in the area of development for this purpose. We have reinforced sanitation and prevention measures, and we have also implemented remote work for our employees, to ensure their integrity and well-being. So we can say that we have not only been restoring operations but we have also grown as a team.

As a result of these efforts we can announce that deposits for: ETH, ACT, EOS, GAS, NEO, XRP are available. We also have SENSE token Based on the EOS blockchain as a new token! You will be able to trade SENSE token in several pairs.

We have also improved the management of our IEO Pad and have several projects waiting for the launch by this months end.

 In the next 10 business days we will be giving very good news about trading and withdrawal options for digital and local currency tokens, we are also working on a very ambitious project, which will help by providing alternative solutions to the financial problems that are encountered day by day increase due to pandemic. We are about to introduce our own new investment token, which will allow users to invest in several projects paying directly with FIAT currencies via local Bank transfer, Debit & Credit Cards.

Through our official channels we will continue to inform you of the progress of this project and the improvements in Trading. Our Blog has also been updated with market prices and several base Languages.

We thank all our users for their patience and trust in us, this encourages us to continue improving with new tools and more digital assets, to provide you with a greater variety of options for your transactions.

We hope that soon we will be able to overcome the crisis, for this we must all collaborate keeping calm and following the guidelines and recommendations given by the governments of each country.

We wish you all the Best, and please stay Safe.