Litecoin: Next ‘halving’ will influence in its price

2 July, 2019 0 Comments

It is exciting to be part of the bullish moment that Bitcoin lives and that keeps it above USD 10,000, but there is another cryptocurrency that has a performance to take into account for our operations due to its high performance, this is Litecoin (LTC).

According to experts, LTC has been presenting high volatility given the proximity of the next event to occur on August 6, ‘the halving’.

The ‘halving’ is an event that occurs every 4 years and implies a reduction in the reward received by the LTC miners, which will make them appreciate, increasing their value by reducing the number of available crypts. Four years ago, when the last Litecoin halving took place, the currency was revalued by 60% in the previous three months.

Studies indicate that Litecoin is among the seven most negotiated digital assets in the world, with a faster payment confirmation program and a cryptographic algorithm different from Bitcoin.

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The BitInka Team