Swapli is launched Within BitInka!

4 August, 2020 0 Comments

Swapli is a global platform which´s main purpose is to use the latest disruptive technologies to bring project Tokenization to mainstream economy, in order to enable projects to raise funds using conventional methods as well as cryptocurrencies.

We have seen how in the latest years crowdfunding has been used to finance ideas, startups. Or raise funds on ongoing companies or developments, this has been the latest trend in mainstream economy in order to raise funds to initiate, or expand a project. It has been a real disruptive method to involve several individuals who will benefit from the project.

We have also seen in the past 4 years the explosion of cryptocurrencies, and since 2017 how cryptocurrencies where involved in raising capital for projects mostly targeting new cryptocurrencies or blockchain based projects, this is called Initial coin Offering, this trend lasted a little over 12 months, there where several issues on going, several projects which raised capital and where not executed, several failed projects. So in late 2018 we started seeing how ICO´s started going to centralized platforms to raise capital, this involved centralized crypto currency exchanges with good reputation getting involved in the investment of this mostly crypto based projects thru their user base to raise capital.

This was an essential move for crypto, and blockchain based projects to raise capital and stay afloat, but as we go back in this short period of time we see that this method of raising capital still is mostly targeted to cryptocurrency or technologies based startups or ideas. We have also seen the vast diversity of exchange platforms coming afloat, and using IEO investments pads as the main source of income. And having projects jump hoops to list on several of this platforms, making project listings cost and fees a main barrier rather than an investment to raise funds.

So we decided to mix the best of both worlds, we decided to develop Swapli, a platform where mainstream projects meet crypto/fintech projects in order to raise funds, using several methods to do so. We applied the perfect fusion using the latest trends in mainstream, crowdfunding and fund raising by using cryptocurrency and tokenizing projects. Also integrating the top 50 crypto currency trading platforms investment tokens. Making Swapli an all in one solution, allowing global token holders spread in different platforms meet in one platform using their ¨native¨ investment token

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