The Bitcoin with immediate transactions and low commissions

8 February, 2019 0 Comments


What does Bitcoin need to have immediate transactions and low commissions? 

We ask this to ourselves this in favor of the best known cryptocurrency in the world and the whole industry continue to consolidate.

It seems that the answer is getting closer with the growth of the Lightning Network (LN) that in just over a year has managed to accelerate the development of solutions to this problem with a second layer of payment channels and routing of Bitcoins out of the main chain.

The numbers are encouraging, since its launch in January 2018 developers working on this network are increasing and went from having 69 to more than 5500 nodes, as well as recently receiving the support and confidence of technology industry leaders.

In BitInka we are attentive to the development of the Lightning Network, because the more robust its protocol, the greater liquidity will attract Bitcoin and with it the opportunities to be part of its growth.

We invite you to be part of this!

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