The Role of Women in the Crypto Economy

8 March, 2019 0 Comments

Sure you have noticed that the average profile of the crypto investor is indeed a man, Caucasian, age 34 and tech knowler, and that rather there are few women investors and opinion leaders who are truly successful in this industry. However, the crypto world is relatively new, and both genders are welcome to participate equally.

“Showing women in leadership positions creates a great atmosphere around the world” – Melissa Quinn, corporate development manager at RightMesh, a Canadian startup that has just raised $ 18 million in pre-sales from its ICO.

According to university studies concluded that women are much more skeptical about certain issues, in terms of risk and financial investments, therefore they tend to be very careful and meticulous on this matters, this becomes at low risk in terms of investments, but for that reason they get returns higher over investment portfolio management.

In the case of investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the main representatives we have: Ariana Simpson, an early stage investor, with about 40 investments to date, she is also a contributor to a series of publications that include Business Insider, Women2.0 and CoinDesk, among others. Another celebrity in the crypto scene is Laura Shin, pediographer specializing in crypto and Blockchain technology. These are empowered women who saw in Bitcoin and the Blockchain a potentiality, and like them we can all create wonders out of such fascinating technology.

While there is also a male trend in both the currency industry and the crypto ecosystem, we should not forget that the women submerged in the Blockchain are increasing considerably and the typical problems of inequality in these industries are remaining in the past.

The real challenge today is only to educate the population equally in both genders, men and women, you will soon see how this technology benefits both genders equally.

In BitInka we want to greet all the women of the world in their day, to celebrate today March 8th as well as recognize their efforts for a long time to reach the space that corresponds to them in the different sectors of society.

The BitInka team

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