UPDATE on Wallets

27 April, 2020 0 Comments

Dear Users,

Providing you with an update.

We are glad to announce some great progress done bye the team. We have established complete functionality of our ETHEREUM Wallets, As well as all our ERC-20 Tokens. Friday May 1st We will resume complete functionality on deposits and withdrawals on Approved wallets. Following security parameters that will be notified a On April 1st

We are also happy to announce we have added USDC stable token and will be releasing trading pairs on a second announcement coming up in the following days, as well as an update on all new tokens being listed. Including TRON and TRON based tokens.

Bitcoin wallets are going thru final testing. And we will release full functionality in the coming days as well.

We have also accomplished an agreement with our stock holders and have established a partnership with a payment processor, which will allows us to work directly again with our major market differential FIAT pairs! by topping up and withdrawing thru their stable token to over 15 FIAT currencies. More news on this coming in the following weeks will be posted.

We want to thank everyone for the trust and patience, and thank our team for the hard work to accomplish these milestones.

We want to also remind you to stay safe with the global pandemic we are going thru.


The Bitinka Team