How to verify your username at BitInka?

26 April, 2017 0 Comments

In the following tutorial we will guide you in the verification process of your username in our platform.

Once you have completed the registration, either through the page or the Facebook or Google+ platforms, you must activate your account through the confirmation link that is sent to your email (if you do not receive this email, please contact us with our support team, through the email to complete the activation process).

Once you have activated your account, go to and in the “Wallet” section go to the left column and select “User verification”.

In the form, please complete the information requested. If it is a Natural or Legal Person, State, City, Address, Zip Code, Telephone number without “0” at the beginning, DNI (National Identity Document, citizenship card, Identity Card, etc. depending on the name you have in the country of origin) in the case of Venezuela must initiate the information by placing the letter V, E or J in case of being a foreigner or legal entity, followed by the numbers of the document, if it has less than eight digits remember to complete with “0” zeros start. On the expiration date of your document, remember to select the last day of the month in which it expires so that the system correctly takes the registration and finally your RIF which you must complete with V, E or J before the number as appropriate and click on ” Continue”.

Then, you must upload 4 documents that will help us verify your identity.


Document #1: National identity document or passport 100% readable.

Document #2: Reverse of your ID, in case you are Venezuelan you must attach your driver’s license, RIF or Passport.

Document #3: Self-portrait or half-plane “Selfie” holding your identity document at the height of the face, so that the data of the document can be clearly visualized.

Document #4: Receipt of a service in your name containing your current address, bank account statement or Credit Card or RIF in the case of Venezuela, try not to duplicate or manipulate documents.

It will display the following screen:

After this window you must wait for the verification of your documentation which will be ready from 24 to 72 working hours. Once verified, you will be ready to deposit and withdraw your local currency (FIAT) on our platform, and make your first purchase of Bitcoins on BitInka.

We remind you that you can deposit, sell and withdraw Bitcoins without verifying your user but for deposit and withdrawal operations in local currency if it should be verified.

For more questions, please visit our FAQ section or through our Social Media channels.