5 March, 2021 0 Comments

At BitInka we are happy to be working together with you and so excited to be making history. To all our users, we tell them that POC provides an efficient distributed on-chain identity, storage, and transaction system, supports smart contracts and virtual machines in multiple languages, provides two modules of core protocols and application frameworks. […]

Variety of tokens and more to come…

13 February, 2021 0 Comments

We want to remind you that by using BitInka you can find a variety of currencies and tokens with which you can trade quickly and efficiently. Remember that you can find in our exchange HT, USDC, Unus SED LEO, OKB, BUSD, PAX and LA. We open the doors to global traders for the top platforms […]

A token generated on the Ethereum blockchain

10 November, 2020 0 Comments

With a huge amount of users not only having a passion for this coin, but fully believing in HTB, Hotbit has also provided a lot of benefit for users. Hotbit Token (HTB) is the cryptocurrency project token of Hotbit Platform itself to create an ideal ecology system for digital currency exchange. Project characteristic: 1. Exoteric […]

Tokenizing the world’s largest decentralized file sharing protocol with BTT!

26 October, 2020 0 Comments

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer communication protocol for file sharing through the internet. The protocol was launched by BitTorrent, Inc., an American company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The BitTorrent client is written in the C++ language by the founder of the protocol, Bram Cohen. There are mobile BitTorrent apps available for iOS and Android.  The […]

TRON arrives to LATAM!

20 October, 2020 0 Comments

BitInka integrates TRON: An ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralised Internet. The biggest benefit of using Tron crypto is that you are empowering artists and content creators all over the world into having ownership over the content they create. Tron is leading a movement that some refer to as the third web. […]

A Blockchain for the builders

5 August, 2020 0 Comments

Dear users, CasperLabs partners with Bitinka to bring a new decentralized Blockchain, providing truly scalable blockchain services made for real-world speed and security. Using Familiar tools, open architectures, and expert support to make any developer a blockchain developer. This is a public and permissionless software platform developed with radical transparency! To know more, visit

Swapli is launched Within BitInka!

4 August, 2020 0 Comments

Swapli is a global platform which´s main purpose is to use the latest disruptive technologies to bring project Tokenization to mainstream economy, in order to enable projects to raise funds using conventional methods as well as cryptocurrencies. We have seen how in the latest years crowdfunding has been used to finance ideas, startups. Or raise […]

Mid Year Platform Major Update!

29 June, 2020 0 Comments

Dear beloved user, We want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement you have given us since our launch in December 6th 2014, making us one of the longest standing platform´s in the continent. With such goal achieved with your help for the last 14 months we have worked on improving ourselves, […]

Global Update!

2 June, 2020 0 Comments

Dear Users, Dear Users, We are glad to announce our trading engine is back! We have integrated all wallets and starting June 7th  all deposits and withdrawals in the cryptocurrency wallets that where pending will be resumed . We will also resume deposits and withdrawals in the following FIAT Currencies that where pending, BRL, BOB, […]

IT’S OFFICIAL: BitInka partners with SENSE!

23 May, 2020 0 Comments

SENSE token is the utility, fueling the cooperative tools missing from existing chat ecosystems and offering the framework to transform communities. The SENSE token is utilized in the Sense.Chat platform as a tool for facilitating the usage of the application, and fostering community growth. The Sense.Chat platform enables both communications and value transfer in a […]